legal name + akajung saerom (정새롬); aurora, rori age + d.o.b.21 + august 21st, 1997 zodiac +leo-virgo cusp fire ox natal chart personalityinfj slytherin horned serpent educationdvm student - seoul national university occupationlatte goddess @ ediya coffee status
born the third child to jung jinhyuk and roh saehee, a plastic surgeon and a teacher. an unexpected - and late in life - baby, she trails her brother and sister by fourteen and eleven years, respectively. as such, she grew up with slightly more freedom than her older siblings, doted on and spoiled once she was the last in the nest. following the tragic death of her mother, she impulsively decided to apply for colleges internationally as an escape, eventually settling on seoul national university.

moved from busan to a small suburb of seattle at the age of four.

has one tattoo, "102961" (her mother's birthday), on the back of her neck.

nine total ear piercings: L - lobe x2, tragus, helix, rook; R - lobe x3, helix.

fell in love with swimming the first time she remembers being in water. she began swimming competitvely early on and participated on teams through her senior year, typically racing the individual medley and freestyle, and the freestyle relay. prior to her move to seoul, she banked on her swimming prowess by working as a local lifeguard.

earned her pci diving certification in 2018.

was a passenger in the car accident that killed her mother. to this day, she gets anxious in heavy traffic and on long car trips. it's also why she so strongly advocates against driving under the influence.

severely allergic to penicillin and avocados. always carries an epipen for emergencies.

has atrocious eating habits. more often than not, she forgets to eat real meals and instead snacks throughout the day and raids the kitchen in the wee hours of the night. it's not at all uncommon to see her eat one massive meal, especially during exam season.

suffers from moderate trypophobia. will dry heave and threaten to puke on your shoes if forced to look at hole clusters.

dreams of opening her own veterinary practice one day, specializing in holistic and alternative medicine.

proud mom of two cats - luna & artemis (L to R).

suffers from severe resting bitch face and was often left out because of it during grade school. guilty of using it to her advantage when she wants to be left alone.

plays brain games - sudoku, crossword, etc. - when she's nervous as they help her to refocus.

will choose ice cream over cake 90% of the time, if given the choice.

always turns to animated movies when she's sad.

her one jewelry staple is a locket gifted to her by her mother for her sixteenth birthday.

likesaffection (but will only admit it under duress), anime, AR games, baby animal photos, banana milk, caffè mocha, cream cheese icing 🤤, diving, giant hoodies, mango smoothies, memes, moodboards, nature watching, new book smell, night walks, pet names (also secretly), pokémon, roller rinks, salsa on everything 2k19, stuffed animals, surprise texts, taking notes, tart cherry juice, thin crust, travel vlogs, true crime podcasts, watching sunsets
dislikesantique dolls, asparagus, being left alone after scary movies, carrying paper money, celery, crying in front of others, dishonesty, hole clusters 🤢, long lines, misplacing things, nuts, pouring ketchup over fries, pumpkin seeds, raw veggies, sleeping too long, too much sauce on pizza, traffic jams, waiting, writing in pencil
jung jinhyuk father plastic surgeon ⁄ b. tbd ⁄ 62

strict, but lovingly so. passed his type a personality down to all of his children. most outsiders would think him a hard ass but his family and closest friends know better. co-owns a plastic surgery practice with his long-time friend (vida surgical center).

roh saehee mother b. 10/29/1961 ⁄ d. september 8th, 2015

killed in a tragic car accident in the fall of rori's senior year. prior to her death, she patiently taught k-5 and volunteered at summer tutoring programs. known for bringing home strays - both animals and neighborhood children - in need of a meal or two. rori lovingly and faithfully jokes that all of her soft spots came from her.

jung jinwoo brother oncologist ⁄ b. tbd ⁄ 34

the most aloof of the jung siblings, he treated rori more like a nuisance and tagalong growing up. to this day, the two are significantly less close than she and saemi.

jung saemi sister pediatric neurosurgeon ⁄ b. tbd ⁄ 31

an effortless academian, she has a habit of making rori feel inadequate without even trying, though she means well. always the first family member to ask if her sister is going to make it home for the holidays and is not above bribing her to do so.

jaehyun "jason" park brother-in-law orthopedic surgeon

the stand-in brother. ever supportive with natural dad tendencies. began dating saemi during their med school residencies. the couple married in 2016.

jaewook "jaxson" park nephew 3 mos.

thanks to the 8k+ miles between them, rori has yet to meet this little guy but does regularly receive photo dumps from her sister.